“I like jazz, but I could get used to jass, said Miles.

Below is a short passage from The JassOdyssey ii-V-I Book I –

“Oh yes,” said Roland. “And thank him for letting me borrow some of his records. The man has one of the largest jazz record collections I’ve ever seen. He has recordings of artist and bands I’ve never heard of, and some of the first original jazz records ever recorded. One record of his that I borrowed was by the Original Dixieland Jass Band. It was recorded in the early 1900’s before jazz was called jazz. Originally it was called jass but in a series of letters by a record company, it was mistakenly switched from jass to jazz. So, I guess you could say that before it was called jazz, it was jass.”

“That’s ok,” said Miles, “I like jazz, but I could get used to jass. You know, Duke didn’t like the term jazz. During his early days, jazz was another word for…”

Nancy, knowing the story of the word’s origin, hurriedly interrupted and asked, “So how’s your horn coming along?”

#jassodyssey #jazz #vintage #adventure


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