It’s time to get more feedback from our fans!

It’s time to get more feedback from our fans!

In the past, we’ve asked “What Color should we use for the cover of Book Three?” Currently, Book one is BROWN, and Book Two is BLUE. Two suggested colors for Book Three were Royal Purple and Red. We’re still interested in your feedback.

Also for those of you who have read books one and two of the JassOdyssey series, you’ve already been introduced to a cast of colorful characters. A few of them are the following: Lee and Morgan who were two of Miles’s boyhood friends; Fate Marable the piano player who was the musical director of the steamship S.S. Sydney who helped Park develop his musical skills; AND Yankee Schwartz, a New York hoodlum who tried to strong-arm a Philadelphia theatre owner. Some of these character’s names are fictitious, while others are names of real individuals. Today is a special day in jazz because it’s the birthday of Charlie Parker (see our tribute). During his lifetime he also encountered color characters, though most of them were shady. One such person was called ‘Moose the Mooche.’

In keeping with the name theme, the following names are nicknames of characters you might also meet during your JassOdyssey:

Buck-tooth Lucy
Muggles the Mumbler
Junie the Jitterbug
Bruce the Bruiser

Give us your feedback and let us know if you like these names. More nicknames will be auditioned in the future as more books are written. And if you can think of a cool jazz nickname, let us know. If we choose it, we will send you a free copy of Book Three once it’s published.

On August 16th of this year Diana Jackson answered one of our previous questions and she’ll receive a free copy of Book Three (once we get her business address).

As usual-“Take the Test, Take the Journey.”

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