Cities and states Miles, Roland, Park, and Marie have visited

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For all of you JassOdyssey fans, you know that we have covered a lot of ground in the two books that we have published, and will cover a lot more as the series continues to unfold. Can you tell how many cities and states Miles and Roland, as well as Park and Marie have visited and had jazz adventures? Here’s what we have so far.

Miles and Roland have visited:

New York, New York
New Jersey

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Baltimore, Maryland

Washington, D.C.

Petersburg, Virginia

Greenville, North Carolina

Cheraw, South Carolina

Atlanta, Georgia

While Park and Marie have visited:

New York, New York

New Orleans, Louisianna

St. Francisville, Louisianna

Memphis, Tennessee

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

And that’s just book one. Each place that the characters visit gives us insight about jazz’s influence on this country. It truly is one of America’s great art forms, and we’re glad that we can help present its story.Tomorrow we”ll talk about the cities that both parties have visited in book two.

As always, Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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