The Dunbar Hotel

AaAAuthor JA Rollins is currently writing Books Three and Four of the JassOdyssey series. Since leaving Kansas City, Park along with Marie have traveled through Omaha, Ogallala, Denver and Colorado Springs. They are on their way to the West Coast. As they’ve traveled, they’ve met a lot of new characters. Here’s one you’ll read about in Book Three

Besides the jazz dignitaries that played a temporary role in keeping the Dunbar Hotel financially solvent, there were other socialites of the city that resided permanently in the facility. One was Doctor P, most commonly referred to as ‘Doc.’ According to some, he always wanted to be a physician ever since he was born in the mountains of Virginia. But after two failed medical practices in his home state, he decided to move out west to get a fresh start.

He was always proud of his African heritage and had a knack for words. Though he had never traveled to the place, he read a lot about the ‘Dark Continent.” In his mind, he visited the lush grasslands of the Savannah, the arid, hot Sahara Desert with its drifting winds, as well as the noisy, humid, jungles teaming with life in the Congo. The vision left such an impression on him that he always tried to say encouraging words to his patients about the Motherland though most negroes at the time avoided any mention of the place.

So he consciously made an effort to sprinkle words of wisdom in the form of proverbs from ancient pharaohs, chieftains, scholars of Timbuktu, as well as other notables from continent known as the Birthplace of humanity. Though at times, his words were just as cryptic as those of the Sphinx’s, he was proud to share them with anyone willing to try to decipher them.

Park first heard his words when he was walking with Marie and Huddleston through the lobby of the hotel. Doc was conversing with another resident and Park could tell they were having a heated discussion.

Before the trio left the Dunbar, Park heard Doc say as he was retreating, “The fools speaks, the wise man listens.” Was Doc a true philosopher, thought Park, or just a sore loser? At first, Park didn’t know which of the two roles Doc played. But as he got to know him, eventually learned that Doc not only healed the body, he also healed the mind and spirit.


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