April is Jazz Appreciation Month-“It’s Good To Be The King”

I’m a movie buff, and one of my favorite comedy movies is a Mel Brooks classic called “History of the World-Part I (I’m still waiting for Part II). It features Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn, Gregory Hines, and a whole host of other actors and actresses. In the movie, Mel Brooks plays Louis XIV (the Sun King), and he proclaims the following statement-“It’s Good To Be The King.” Well, In jazz we have our Kings, and they have been good to us by showering us with jazz classics. See if you’ve heard of any of the following Kings and their royal musical hits.

King Curtis (Curtis Ousley)
King Bolden (Buddy Bolden)
King Fleming (Walter Fleming)
King Keppard (Freddie Keppard)
King Oliver (Joe Oliver)
King Pleasure (Clarence Beeks)
King Watzke (Alex Watzke)
King Kolax (William Little)
The King of the Clarinet (Artie Shaw)
The King of Cool (Dean Martin)
The King of Jazz (Paul Whiteman)
The King of the Jazz Guitar (Django Reinhardt)
The King of the Juke Box (Louis Jordan)
The King of Swing (Benny Goodman)
Nat ‘King’ Cole

From the list above, send us a photo, an album, or a CD cover of/from one of these ‘Kings’, and you might win a copy of ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey. Just remember, be the first.

As Always-Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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