Jazz Appreciation Month-Blossom, Blossom, Blossom!

th-1A few days ago we featured Ella Fitzgerald on our blog because it was her birthday. The JassOdyssey Question of that Day was: In what Abbott and Costello movie in which she appeared, did she cited a nursery rhyme? No one answered the question. The answer was ‘Ride ‘Em Cowboy,’ and she sang ‘A-Tisket A-Tasket.’ Ella must have liked to sing jazz to kids, because she recorded an album called ‘Miss Ella’s Playhouse,’ which featured other childhood tunes and nursery rhymes such as: ‘Old McDonald,’ ‘Melinda the Mouse,’ ‘Old Mother Hubbard,’ ‘Molasses, Molasses,’ and others. Just this morning I heard her rendition of ‘The Muffin Man’ as I drove in to work. th-4

Another jazz singer that was perfect for singing childhood songs was Blossom Dearie, who was born on this day in 1924. That was because of her light, girlish voice. This jazz vocalist, piano player was popular and her genres included Cool Jazz, Bebop, Swing, as well as traditional Pop music. Early in her career she performed with the Woody Herman Orchestra, During her solo career she often performed on television as well as in supper clubs here in the U.S. as well as Europe, and later in life she established her own record label (Daffodil Records). Because of her unique voice, she got involved in children educational videos such as Schoolhouse Rock! Her voice and songs have also been featured in films such as The Squid and the Whale, The Artist, The Adventures of Felix, and Kissing Jessica Stein. th-2

Blossom is featured in book three of the ii-V-I: JassOdyssey series, along with Marian McPartland and Valaida Snow. They have quite an adventure in Colorado Springs. You should read about it.



JassOdyssey Question of the Day (JQD)
Blossom Dearie’s voice was used in a commercial for what popular soft drink? (Hint-if it’s not lower, it must be—).

As Always-Take the Test, Take the Journey!


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