Jazz Appreciation Month – From Boots to Toots

th-2Today is April 27th, just three more days left in this Jazz Appreciation Month. We’ve had some winners and books have been sent to them. We’ve also had some winners, but they never provided us with their addresses. So for those who were notified of winning the contest for the day, please forward us your address so that we can send you your free book.

Those who have read the ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey saga know that both Miles and his Uncle Roland, as well as Park and his lady-friend Marie, are both on separate journeys, though their paths did collide in Kansa City, Missouri. Things did not turn out well for our protagonist–that’s why the journey continues. And as it does both groups get a chance to meet new people. The latest character that author J.A. Rollins developed in his series is a harmonica player named Boots Billman. Park and Marie discovered him as they hoboed their way across the Southwest on their way to Los Angeles’ Central Avenue. Boots has quite an interesting story to tell them, and it might help in achieving their ultimate goal of finding their nemesis. Read about it in Book three when it becomes available later on this year. th-1

JassOdyssey Question of the Day (JQD)
What’s the name of the Belgium-born jazz musician who is known for his guitar, whistling, and harmonica playing skills? (Hint-his name rhymes with Park’s latest acquaintance).


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