Jazz Birthdays 4/26

Today is the birthday of a number of jazz musicians, some who are mentioned in the JassOdyssey series. Ma Rainey was born on this day in 1886. Her original name was Gertrude Pridgett, but over her career due to her popularity, she was eventually given the title “The Mother of the Blues.”

Also born on this day in 1907 was Dave Tough, an early drummer who played Chicago-style jazz. He played along with Bud Freeman, Benny Goodman, and Bunny Berigan. Though Tough is not mentioned in the JassOdyssesy series, the other musicians mentioned in this paragraph are.
Preston Love, a famous saxophonist from Omaha, was also born on this day in 1921. At one time he was a member of a territory band that traveled the country providing music to jazz-starved regions. Nat Towles, who is mentioned in the JassOdyssey series, lead one of the bands of which Preston was a part. In book three of the series, read about “The Best Band in the Land” contest held in Denver. Things didn’t turn out as everybody expected.

You’ll find these artist as well as more in the ii-V-I JassOdysssey book series. Happy Birthday Ma, Dave, and Preston.

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