Recently, Lacey, Never Die and I had a chance to visit the WEAA radio studio, located on the campus of Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland (see the previous blog with all the wonderful pictures). We had a great time! We were a part of their biennial campaign to raise money for the station. We donated a few autographed books which were offered to persons donating to the campaign. We got a chance to see Mykel Hunter, Robert Shahid, as well as Julius their newsman. We also got a chance to see Marcellus “The Bassman” Shepard. We were proud to be able to help the station. We’ll be talking more about WEAA in future blogs. And, as most of you who have visited the JassOdyssey website already know, Mykel Hunter is the voiceover artist who narrates the introduction as well as the first seven chapters of book one in the JassOdyssey series. We hope to continue to work with the station because we know that it’s “The Voice of the Community,” and we’ll be wearing our membership T-shirts proudly.

Over the rest of the summer as well as the fall, we’ll be at book shows and other events in the area. This month we’ll be at the Prince Georges County Spring Book Festival, which will be held in Landover, Maryland. Next month we’ll be at the D.C. Jazz Fest which is being held at the Yard. Also, in October we’ll be at the East of the River Book Festival, which is held in Washington D.C.
AND…since in the first three books we mention over 23 cities that the characters in ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey visit, over the next few years we’ll attempt to visit at least one each year. So, for 2017, we’ll visit Baltimore (the Baltimore Book Festival), and Washington D.C. (The East of the River Book Festival). Next year we’ll venture out even further, and by then, book 4 will be a part of the JassOdyssey series. Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco will soon be in our sites, and who knows–perhaps Paris, London, or Tokyo?
So as we always say, Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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