Louis, Take a Bow

Last year, while writing book three of the JassOdyssey series, we held a contest. We wanted you to send in names that we could use as characters in the book. We received a few. The most memorable name was submitted by Louis Jacques. He came up with the name Slider. So, we used the name as a starter and added McGriff. One of the new characters in book three is Slider McGriff, and as his name implies, he’s a trombone player. He likes to have fun at other people’s expense. But when the bone player crossed paths with Marie, his antics were not received well. She was the one that got the last laugh.

Read about Slider, as well as the many other characters in book one, book two, or book three of the series. Louis received a free book, and you can too if you submit cool names for characters that we use in the book (but they must have a musical theme). Pretty Boy Pettiford is also featured in the next book. I came up with that name, but I’m sure you can come up with other names. Keep them coming.
As Always, Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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