Prince George County Spring Book Festival

This weekend, I was one of a number of booksellers at the Prince George County Spring Book Festival. For the merchants, the sales at the event were a lot like the weather; restrained, cloudy, and overcast, though we did have some moments of bright sun.
Mine came when a visitor to my booth described her experience. Though she was not a jazz lover, she did mention that her nephew loves jazz. He plays the horn and currently resides in Shanghai, China. He said that people over there love jazz and can’t seem to get enough of it. He was perplexed because though he started his career here in the U.S.A, he said he couldn’t make it here because no one seemed to appreciate jazz. The lady said that even though he would love to return to this country, he decided to stay in China–at least as long as he is appreciated for his musical ability playing jazz on his horn.
I guess when it comes to jazz, his experience here was like the weather we experienced this weekend, but maybe one day, he’ll return, and with him, we’ll get those moments of bright sun again. 

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