Book 5

Hello, JassOdyssey fans. Book 5 is at the editor’s office being tweaked. Once it’s done, it will be available to the public. But that hasn’t stopped me from moving forward. I’ve already started research on the next set of books.

As you know from Book 3, Miles and Roland are in Kansas City. Though they were not able to get the horn or the diamond back from Park and Marie, they must ‘Pick up the Pieces’ and continue their journey. The next book will talk about their trip back home. They will be visiting many places and having many jazz adventures. Like the song that I wrote (and you can hear it at under original music), Miles asks the question–where do we go next? Roland replies- “Which Way The Wind Blows, (I Don’t Know).  
One place that they might visit on their way home is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For a small town, it has served as the birthplace for many jazz musicians. One person born and raised there is George Benson, who was born this week in 1943. I’m sure that if Miles and Roland visit the city, they will encounter him during their visit to the Steeltown. Help celebrate the singer/guitarist birthday by listening to a few of his Grammy Award-winning hits like “Breezin,” “This Masquerade,” or my favorite George Benson album and song, “El Mar,” on his White Rabbit album.   
The last question that we asked was, What was the name of the steamer that Park and Marie took while going up the Mississippi River? No winners, so, we’ll hold on to the question (and answer). This weeks question is–In what year did Art Kane photograph A Great Day In Harlem? If that’s too hard, 
As we always say–Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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