Let’s celebrate a Milestone!!!

One of my all-time favorite jazz songs is Milestones, written by Miles Davis, and it’s featured on an album with the same name. The pace is fast, the solos are engaging, and the harmonization between Davis, John Coltrane, and Cannonball Adderley are perfect.

This weekend, we here at JassOdyssey have reached our own milestone.

On our www.authorjarollins.wordpress.com website, our counts indicated that we reached our 10,000th hit. As I was watching the favorable clicks roll in, I was planning on awarding the 10,000th visitor to our site free autographed copies of Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, as well as the latest book in the series (which should be out by the end of the month). But the website will not allow me to track information about who accesses the site unless someone leaves a comment. So, unfortunately I won’t be able to reward that visitor. But our other website www.jassodyssey.com, might be able to track that information. Currently, we have about 3,200 hits on that site. When we get to 5,000 hits, we will reward that visitor with autographed copies of the books.  This is our way of showing our appreciation of your support.
For those of you who get our blog via email, go to the author site and sign up for the blog, and also go to the Jassodyssey site and listen to parts of the audiobook as well as the original music. The music serves as soundtracks for the audiobook. The recordings are not professional, but they were fun to make (professional versions will be available in the future.
Also in the future, we will have audio and video blogs primarily focused on information found in the JassOdyssey book series. And as we often end our blogs, there might be a question testing your knowledge of jazz, or your knowledge of the book’s contents.
In the meantime, let’s take a listen to Miles, Coltrane, and Adderley, along with Davis’s rhythm section, Philly Joe Jones, Red Garland, and Paul Chambers as they play that memorable jazz classic–Milestones.

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