Let’s have some fun!!!

Hello, this is J. A. Rollins, author of ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey. Thanks for making our enterprise a success. For those of you who have followed the series, you know that book five will be available soon. This book will feature Park, Marie, and Huddleston as they travel through California. Park is still pursuing his dream of jazz domination, and Marie is still creating mischief.

On our website www.jassodyssey.com, we feature drawings created by Kirsten Newman, one of my nieces, photos, music featuring me on the saxophone, as well as narrations from the book. We’ve even sponsored a few contests, and some lucky winners have won copies of the books. It’s been fun, learning about jazz. In the future, we’ll also have videos and more blogs. Now we want to get you- the reader – even more involved.

With each of the written books, JassOdyssey Productions wants to produce an audiobook. And instead of hiring highly trained actors and actresses to read the entire book, we’re giving you, the listening public, a chance to be a part of our voiceover team, reading not only the narration but also the voices of the individual characters in the book. We have many characters in the series. That will give you plenty of opportunities to send us a tape of your voice, as you dramatically read the script.

For the time being, we’ll start with the Introduction. That features Miles, the main character of the book. To access the introduction, go to: www.jassodyssey.com  under the Books tab hit Introduction.

You can listen to Mykel Hunter, a famous voiceover actress from Baltimore, Maryland read the intro.  You can also read the introduction.

If you think you can portray his role, send us an MP3 or other recording of your voice reading his monolog. 

The above photo is what I use for recording in my home studio, but you don’t have to be that elaborate.

Garage Band is a useful tool that you can use. You can also use your smartphone. If you want, you can also add music to the recording, but it can’t be copyrighted. We’ll feature some of the recordings on JassOdyssey FaceBook and our website so that fans can hear them. In the future, we’ll also highlight other sections of Book One so that fans can read for the other characters in the books. Once we complete Book One, we’ll move on to the other books in the series. Share this email with others if you think they might be good candidates.

As I noted above, this has been a great learning experience for me. Join in the fun.

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