Bosom Buddies

Hello, JassOdyssey fans. I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent out an email. We are putting the finishing touches on Book 5, which should go to the printer this week. Hopefully, the book will be available for purchase by the upcoming 4th of July holiday. That should not stop you from purchasing any one of the first three books, which are available. Like Books 1 through 3, our most recent addition to the series will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as our JassOdyssey website.


Two characters in our latest book (Gordon and Marshall) also appeared in Book 3. They are porters who are on the Super Chief, as it makes its journey from Chicago to Los Angeles. I chose these character names because, Gordon Parks, a famous photographer, writer, musician, and film director, as well as Thurgood Marshall’s father (William Marshall) made a living as porters on the railroad. In the most recent book, Marshall encounters a life-altering decision, that could potentially affect his relationship with his ‘bosom buddy’ Gordon. That is why I wrote a new song entitled ‘Bosom Buddies.’ It will be featured in the audiobook. In the meantime, take a listen. It might whet your appetite for more.
Enjoy, and as Always–Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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