At JassOdyssey we are in countdown mode. Book 5 of the series has been sent to the printer and should be available for purchase at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble by this time next week. Still, plenty of time to reread some of the passages from the previous books.

A good friend of mine told me that after reading about Marie, one of the characters in the book, he’s afraid of her. I hope I have not made her too scary; you be the judge. But it makes a writer like me feel good when I’m able to evoke an¬†emotion from a reader just by describing the character and their actions.

Speaking of ‘countdown,’ it reminds me of one of the stories in the JassOdyssey series. At the end of Book 2 (the blue book), an inbriated partygoer, whose celebrating New Year’s Eve in Kansas City, ask Marie, the voodoo priestess, for a new year’s kiss. He got more than he bargained for–that’s why I wrote a song for the audiobook called, “A Deadly New Year’s Eve Kiss.” If you listen closely you’ll hear the ticking of the clock to mark the arrival of the new year, the caw of the birds in the background, the disturbing melancholy music with its whimsical tone, the haunting sounds of the bassoon, oboe, and English horn, a snippet of Chopin’s “Funeral March,” as well as the clap of thunder marking the end of this macabre musical journey. And who could forget ‘the kiss,” which results in a blood-curdling cry from the drunk!
I hope this music evokes a desire in you to want to read more about Marie, Park, Miles, Roland, and the other characters in the series, as well as learning about the history of Jazz! Please share this email with like-minded jazz lovers. Alas, I’m off to writing the next book.
As always, Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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