Distorted Reality

Book 5 is out, and the JassOdyssey saga continues! Here’s a proud reader whose been excitedly waiting for the latest book in the series. And I’m sure she’ll be anxious to find out what happened to Huddleston (or Yusef–whatever his name is). Speaking of Huddleston, he’s been under the spell of Marie for quite a long time. Over the span of a few books, he’s been acting a bit independent of the voodoo priestess, and maybe, just maybe he might have found a way to get out from under her spell. To find out, you’ll have to read the next installment in the series.

Internally, Huddleston has been leading a quiet riot. At times he acts docile; that is to hide his true inner feelings. While being under Marie’s spell, he still has the capacity to think, and plot, and plan. Sometimes, being with her and Park is like a distorted reality. Things are sometimes in sharp focus, while at other times they seem to be out of sync. His life is full of dissonance.
My latest song, “Distorted Reality,” will be featured on a future audiobook. I tried to capture what Huddleston must have been feeling. Though the driving beat gives you the impression that everything is okey-dokey, the two horn players reflect the reality that things are distorted. Take a listen and let us know.
As always, Take the Test, Take the Journey!

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