“Even Voodoo Priestesses Can Have A Bad Day

Who said you can’t merge Hip Hop with Symphonic Music? 

Miles wants to challenge that notion. He composed a little ditty that he called,
“Even Voodoo Priestesses Can Have A Bad Day.” And from the title, I guess you can tell it’s about Marie. Tragedy struck, and it involved someone for whom she had a lot of respect. She even shed a few tears. Don’t worry, it wasn’t her partner Park. The song that Miles composed is below. Have a listen. But like most Hip Hop music, use your headphones so that you can hear and feel the full effects of the sub bass.
If you read Book 5 in the JassOdyssey series, you’ll find out who we’re talking about. Speaking of mergers, they also said that you could not merge Jazz with Symphonic music. Not so! There is a genre of jazz called ‘Third Stream,’ and it is a merger of Jazz and Classical music. Examples of third stream include Charles Mingus’ Epitaph, Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain, and Michael Brecker’s Wide Angles. Also, when you read Book 5, you’ll see even Park tried his hand at it–but when you read the book, you’ll be surprised to find out what major symphonic composer also attempted to merge jazz and symphonic music.
As Always–Take the Test, Take the Journey!!!

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