Pretty Boy Pettiford- At Your Service

Hello JassOdyssey fans, this is J. A. Rollins with another song that I created for the audiobooks. It’s called “Pretty Boy Pettiford-At Your Service.” It’s based on a character that Park tangles with while he and Marie are in Los Angeles. It takes place in Book 5. Book 4 is on schedule for release later on this year. Pretty Boy, as his name implies, is very popular with the lady folks, but his heart belongs who his car, who he treats better than his women. But like all men who’s egos are larger than life, he ultimately gets dealt with. Read about him in Book 5 which is currently available.

Speaking about Pretty Boy, why don’t you try your hand at creating lyrics for the song. Give it a try. If they sound good and you get chosen, you could be the lyricist on the song. Have Fun, and have a great summer.

Just Remember-Take the Test, Take the Journey!!!


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