“Who Do The Bomb?”

Hello JassOdyssey fans. Hope you’re enjoying the summer. The question we have for you today is–Who Do The Bomb?

In Book 4, which will be available later this year, Miles and Roland are in Cleveland. They meet a jazz expert who is familiar with the area, and he describes all of the jazz nightclubs that were welcomed to the region. Then he talks about a jazz hotspot that wasn’t welcomed by the surrounding community. The residents there didn’t like the clientele that it served. Often as the patrons were filing into the club, members of the community yelled, “Go Back to where you came from.” And in the middle of a hot August night, it was mysteriously bombed. The police could never figure out who did it. So the question again is—“Who Do The Bomb?” Roland and Miles do go back in time, and are able to witness not only the bombing, but also those responsible for it. So while you’re wondering who bombed the nightclub, enjoy our latest song–“Who Do The Bomb?”

By the way, the story that I just told you is true. Google Jazz Temple Cleveland. The event occured in the early 60s. Read about more adventures as Miles and Roland travel along the Chittlin Circuit and beyond in the ii-V-I: JassOdyssey series.

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