Jackie The Watchkeeper

It’s time to celebrate, and it’s not even the New Year yet. We here at JassOdyssey have a lot to celebrate–like 50 reasons. That’s because we have just posted our 50th original song. And you can hear them all free of charge anytime at our website www.jassodyssey.com. Just look under the Home icon and scroll down to the Original songs icon. All songs are color-coded by book. Book one is brown, book two is blue, book three is green, book four is yellow, and book five is red. If you listen to the songs by color, you will notice that my musical skills have improved as we progress from book to book (though some songs are placed in the ‘other category.’
The most recent song that I wrote is called “Jackie The Watchkeeper.” Like most of the songs, it’s related to something that happens to our characters in the JassOdyssey book series. Jackie is someone who Miles and Roland meet while going back in time to the Hill District of Pittsburgh. Things happen which could potentially be disastrous for our characters, but she manages to save the day. You’ll have to read book 4 (which will be available soon) to find out what happened.
The character Jackie is fashioned after a real friend of mine named Jackie Jackson, who lives here in the Richmond area. I met her one day while in a restaurant. She is cool, hip, and very knowledgeable about jazz. That’s why I chose to fashion the character after her. She is inspiring, and that’s what it took for Miles and Roland to get out of their predicament. But I left enough room so that she might appear in a future book.
Overtime, I will highlight each song in the series, and give you a little background about the situation in the story that inspired the song, and, if the character is based on a person I know, I will also mention their name and why I chose them. But in the meantime, I hope that you enjoy “Jackie the Watchkeeper.”
As always, “Take the Test, Take the Journey!” (Sounds like it’s time for another contest).

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