Esteban Searches for the City of Gold

Hello JassOdyssey fans. In Book 3 of the JassOdyssey series, Park and Marie visit Albuquerque, New Mexico, one of my favorite cities.


While in ‘the Land of Enchantment,’ they learn about early explorers to the region, including Esteban, the first person of African origin who came to the area. He was a slave and part of an expedition to find Cibola, one of the seven cities of gold.

Thinking of Esteban, I wrote this song. Since he traveled through the Southwest, part of his journey took him across the hot, arid desert. In the song, you will hear the blowing winds as well as the cries of avian creatures high overhead waiting for their next meal. I hope this musical interlude provides you with a scenic representation of his journey.

In the meantime, continue on your journey while reading the JassOdyssey.

J. A. Rollins



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