Hello, JassOdyssey fans.

Since posting the audio narrations of Part 1 of Book 1, we have received a lot of hits at our website www.jassodyssey.com. We got over 60 hits in one day. That’s fantastic! I’m glad that people are listening to the story about Miles and Roland as they travel along the Chitlin’t Circuit trying to retrieve what was stolen from them. For those of you who have not visited the site, I invite you to–you will enjoy the story as well as the good music. A few of the songs in the narration I wrote. Speaking of songs, here is one that I just composed today. It’s called “Dreamseekers.” If you listen to the audio narrations, I describe those people who moved to Harlem trying to live the American dream. Some did…some didn’t through no fault of their own. The song Dreamseekers is dedicated to a good friend of mine by the name of Charles “Jenks” Jenkins. He was a member of the R&B band that I often mention in the ii-V-I: JassOdyssey series.

This song, as well as others, are available for streaming at Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, as well as other streaming services. I hope you enjoy.
J. A. Rollins

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