Book 5

Hello, JassOdyssey Fans!
Los Angeles’s Central Avenue is the backdrop for one of the storylines in the next book in the JassOdyssey series. Park and Marie, along with Huddleston, get a chance to experience Tinsel Town and all of its trappings. Club Alabam, The Ruff ‘N’ Reddy Nightclub, Pasadena’s Memorial Park, the Movie District, and even the Anaheim Social Club are just a few places visited by Park and Marie. And no visit to L.A. would be complete without a visit to the local police station. 
While enjoying ‘La La Land,’ they are being pursued by someone who wants to stop them in their tracks and will go to any lengths to do it. As the pursuit continues, Park wonders and concludes-‘Maybe California ain’t the land of Milk and Honey.’ You be the judge when you read Book 5, the next book in the JassOdyssey series. 
Last week we asked-“What is the name of Marie’s pet?” No correct answers, so we’ll hold on to the answer. This week’s question is–
What was the name of the steamer that Park and Marie took while traveling up the Mississippi River? You can find the answer by reading either Book 1 or 2 in the series.
 Just remember, the first person with the correct answer will get a free copy of a book from the series.
As always–Take the Test, Take the Journey!

Hello, JassOdyssey fans. I’m overwhelmed with the responses I’ve received already. Yes, the book that will be released this spring is Book 5. But the question I’ve been asked is–“Where’s Book 4?”

As you know, in Books 1 and 2, I alternated chapters between Roland and Miles (the protagonists), and Park and Marie (the antagonists). Book 3 deals exclusively with Park and Marie, and I had so much to write, that I extended it to another book (which eventually became Book 5). Book 4 is currently being written so that it continues from Book 2. So don’t worry, you have not missed Book 4.
For future new readers in the series, by the time they get to Book 4, it will be in its rightful place.
As I stated before, send me some cool character names–they might end up in the book. El Jay sent me in the name Emile, so Emile is a character in Book 5. Someone else sent me in the name B’more (he’s from Baltimore). So B’more is also a character in Book 5.
Keep reading, and as always–Take the Test, Take the Journey!
J.A. Rollins

Zoot Suit Riots

Here’s another excerpt from the next book in the JassOdyssey series. Park and Marie are in Los Angeles, along with Huddleston, Osie, Billman, Marshall, and Gordon. They were invited to an outdoor concert in Pasadena, California, by Cormac, and as … Continue reading