QUESTION: Ralph Ellison was a trumpet-playing musician turned writer who wrote a number of novels and short stories featuring jazz. In one of his famous writings the following words are found: “Then somehow I came out of it, ascending hastily from this underworld of sound to hear Louis Armstrong innocently asking, “What Did I Do To Be So Black and Blue? My only sin is in my skin.”
What is the name of this novel by this jazz writer and when was it written?


QUESTION: Blue Note Records is one of several record labels devoted to jazz. What was the label’s first big hit song and who recorded it?

QUESTION: Who was the Jazz Baroness?

QUESTION: In a song by the Jazztet, they describe a hip-cat standing on a corner in a neatly pressed double breasted, form fitting pin stripped suit. He had pointed toe shoes, black shirt, white tie, and a wide brim black felt hat. According to Art Farmer, who was this hipster?

QUESTION: Lee Morgan was a prolific trumpeter from Philadelphia. Two days before his untimely death he recorded with another Philadelphian known as “The Mighty Burner.” The album features a song called “Morgan” as well as a song written by Lee Morgan (Speedball). Who was this other musician and what was the name of the album?

6613238_origQUESTION: How many jazz notables were featured in Art Kane’s “A Great Day in Harlem” and where specifically in Harlem was this black and white photograph taken?

QUESTION: What famous nightclub in New York did Sonny Rollins play in, and when finished performing for the night, continued playing his horn while walking home?

QUESTION: What is the most common chord progression used in jazz?

QUESTION: In the woodwind family, there are mainly four types of saxophones: soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. Most of these horns have 22 keys (excluding the high F # key). Which horn has a different number of keys, and what key(s) are different? Hint-this horn was played by Harry Carney a member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

QUESTION: Frederick August Kittel, better known as August Wilson, was a dynamic playwright from Pittsburgh PA. His plays captured the spirit of African-American life in his hometown. Two of the plays that he wrote include the names of famous Blues vocalist. What are the names of the plays?

MaRaineyQUESTION: Tony Morrison is also considered a jazz writer. Some of here tomes are characterized as having “improvised solo compositions and bluesy laments to up beat “sensual ragtime.” It’s also been said that some of her novels use a ‘call and response’ often seen in jazz music. What novel by Toni Morrison features Joe Trace, a door-to-door salesman selling Cleopatra beauty products, who shot his teenage lover to death? And during the funeral, Joe’s wife, Violet, attacks the girl’s corpse.

QUESTION: John Coltrane is known for reviving the soprano sax, which he featured in the classic “My Favorite Things.” What New Orleans jazz musician was also known for playing the soprano horn? Hint-he was considered a childhood musical prodigy.

QUESTION: What famous avant garde horn player is featured playing bagpipes on his last album?

QUESTION: What jazzman who considered himself a presidential hopeful was seen on television jammin’ with the Muppets?”

hqdefaultQUESTION: What famous jazz saxophonist had an acting role in one sequence of the television show Kung Fu?

QUESTION: What famous jazz artist would autograph letters to his fans and end them with the following words – “Red beans and Ricely Yours?


IMG_6528QUESTION: Who did Roland meet while buying gasoline in South Carolina, and why was she in distress?

QUESTION: What was the name of the rebuilt horn that Miles and Park worked on, and who named it?


QUESTION: In the book ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey, what does this musician below have in common with Miles’ best friends?

QUESTION: Who was the mentor who gave Roland the special gift that he intended to pass on to Miles?

10438359_1582200898661532_6345051006944769135_nQUESTION: What objects were stolen from Miles and his uncle to initiate the Jassodyssey?

QUESTION: What is the most common chord progression used in jazz?

QUESTION: When Miles regained consciousness after his head injury, what object did he find under the trash container lid?

QUESTION: Who is the woman with the ‘Big Hair’?

QUESTION: What was the name of the high school that Miles attended?



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