Park and Marie’s Next Adventures

For those of you who have been following the JassOdyssey series, you know that Park and Marie are on the West Coast. They have been to Los Angeles, now they are in San Francisco. Here is a small excerpt of their next adventure.

As they drove along Fillmore Street, Park saw a nightclub that really got his attention. It was called the New Orleans Swing Club, and standing at the entrance of the establishment was a dark complexioned, short chubby-shaped man with a trumpet in his hand. He had a butterball of a figure. Park had to do a double take to look at the stranger. Could it be him? He thought. Could it be Louis Armstrong—here in San Francisco? I missed him when I tried to do battle with him at that dilapidated church in Chicago—the one that he and Bix Beiderbecke practiced in when no one else was watching. I also lost my chance when I saw him at the White City Ballroom in Chicago when he was on stage with King Oliver along with the Dodd Brothers, Bill Johnson, Lil Hardin, and Honore Dutrey. Qiang noticed that Park was looking attentively at the nightclub, as well as the person who was about to enter the building. He slowed the car down and said,

“If you want, we can go inside.” Park smacked his lips as though he was anticipating something special. Was it an opportunity to meet a real jazz legend who had been eluding him throughout his journey, or perhaps it was a chance to sample some of the New Orleans style cuisines that were listed on the large glass window at the front entrance of the club.

“Yes,” Park replied as his eyes followed the figure into the building. Qiang hastily parked the car in a space across the street from the Louisiana-style nightclub. Park jumped out of the vehicle. Just as he was about to cross the street, a large slow-moving bus crossed his path. He had to wait until the lumbering, smoke-spewing vehicle passed before he could continue his pursuit.

As Always, Take the Test, Take the Journey!