Rumors of War

For those of you who have been to Richmond, Va, you know that there are some works of art located on Monument Avenue dedicated to the Confederates who fought and died in the Civil War. It also is the place where Arthur Ashe’s statue is located (but on another part of the historic street). Last week the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (which is on Arthur Ashe Boulevard) put on display its latest piece of permanent art. It’s called ‘Rumors of War,’ and was sculpted by Kehinde Wiley, the artist who created the Obama presidential portrait. The monument is important because instead of it featuring one of the Fathers of the South, it features a muscular, triumphant, African American, astride a horse, looking defiantly to the sky. He’s got on a hoodie, wears nike’s, and on his head are dreadlocks. Quite a contrast to what is usually seen in the Capital of the Confederacy.
In the lasted book in the JassOdyssey series, Miles and Roland get a chance to see the monument, as well as tour Jackson Ward, the black historic region of Richmond. I wrote a little ditty called ‘Rumors of War’ that you can listen to–but it’s not all fun and games (like my usual songs). The fifth book in my collection will be available next month. Also, in the past few weeks I sent out a Christmas Song called “Holiday Spirits.” I hope that you enjoy both songs and have a great holiday.

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