Jazz Appreciation Month – Bass Clarinet

Today we’ll explore the reed section of a jazz band. We’re all familiar with the saxophone, which we’ll explore another day. So, that leaves the clarinet. During the early days of jazz up through the Swing era, the clarinet was … Continue reading

Jazz Appreciation Month – Percussionist

Yesterday we talked about drummers and percussionist. But what exactly is the difference between a drummer and a percussionist? Well, all drummers are percussionist but not all percussionist are drummers. That’s because a drum is a type of percussion instrument, … Continue reading

Jazz Appreciation Month-Bud Freeman

I couldn’t help but notice that yesterday was the birthday of Bud Freeman. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1906. I’m sure that most of you aren’t familiar with this jazz musician. I consider him noteworthy for a number … Continue reading

Today is the birthday of Paul Gonsalves!

Today is the birthday of Paul Gonsalves, an American tenor saxophone player associated with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Jazz has always been one of America‚Äôs greatest art forms, but due to the inroads made by Rock and Roll and R&B, … Continue reading